With the help of volunteers, Backyard Bounty of the Berkshires has collected and donated

8,296 pounds

of fruit and vegetables during 2017.
Thank you to all!

Backyard Bounty of the Berkshires

…harvesting food for those in need

There is a hidden but significant hunger problem in Berkshire County. One out of four people in Berkshire County and all of Western Massachusetts suffer food insecurity to some extent, either currently hungry or at risk of being hungry! Backyard Bounty of the Berkshires is a community-based project that supplies food to people in need by gathering and distributing ripe, fresh vegetables and fruit from Berkshire farms and local residents' backyards -- food that would otherwise go to waste, and delivering it to food distribution sites such as food pantries.


We're done! Our last apple gleaning took place on October 16th, and we collected 679 pounds -- our second largest collection from a single property. It was a fitting ending to a great season, with our total for the year surpassing 8,000 pounds. We accomplished a lot, and learned a lot this year, and we're already planning how to improve our operation in 2018. Thanks again to all of the volunteers, farmers, and those who distribute the fruit and vegetables to those in need. We'll be back to you in the spring, when we start gearing up for another season. In the meantime, have a great winter!!! p>